ANDREAS STIHL Power Tools in Qingdao – Inauguration of Phase III

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Just in time before the upcoming Chinese New Year, STHIL Qingdao celebrated the successful start of operations in the Phase III Project. The participation of Mr. Hans Peter Stihl and Dr. Nikolas Stihl, CEO Dr. Kandziora and further boardmembers highlighted the significance of this event for the STIHL Group. By the additional 25,000 sqm of production, warehousing and also technical office areas, Qingdao is meanwhile the 2nd largest STIHL Plant worldwide! Phase III war design and engineered as per the highest standards regarding sustainability and energy optimization. E.g. more than 500 boreholes for geothermal energy, integrated energy recovery in all production processes, solar hot water systems, rainwater utilisation etcpp., all controlled and automatically optimized by a BAS System with more than 3,000 data points, are guaranteeing highly efficient operations. BMP was honoured to be contracted for all design, engineering and construction management services, including hook-up of process equipment. We are wishing STIHL Qingdao continued success and best operations in the extended plant!


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